Whether you are one of those who can’t go a day without sipping on their morning coffee or those who haven’t tried drinking coffee again after an unpleasant experience, we can’t deny the fact that having high-quality coffee beans matters. This is often a make-or-break experience that will determine someone’s perception of coffee. So if you are visiting the Old Quarter in Hanoi for a sudden trip or vacation, fret not because Quan Cafe is here to help lessen the hassle of searching for the perfect cafe to go. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best coffee Hanoi Old Quarter for you!

1. Giang Cafe – The birth of Vietnamese egg coffee

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best coffee hanoi old quarter 1

When talking about the best coffee Hanoi Old Quarter, we wouldn’t dare to exclude the origin of Hanoi’s specialty drink which is “ca phe trung” or egg coffee. To be specific, Giang Cafe was founded in 1946 when the egg coffee recipe came into existence. During this time, its main ingredients from the earliest times were almost comparable with the present ones. It consists of egg yolk, powdered Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk, butter, and cheese. You may wonder what they thought about using eggs as part of making coffee. Well, your hunch was right because it was unintended since at first, it was only an alternative recipe because the whole country was experiencing a scarcity of milk, so Mr. Giang used egg yolks as a substitute and the rest is history.

Giang Cafe’s specialty drink was delicately made in which the coffee has undergone several processes of roasting, grounding, and filtering before it is brewed in a cup. Using a drip filter is what completes the delicious taste of Vietnamese egg coffee. The coffee liquid will be fused with ingredients like whipped and foamy egg yolk. Making this drink perfectly needs to follow an exacting procedure. Voila! You’ll then achieve its rich and bold texture together with its flavorful and mouthwatering taste.

2. NeoCafe – Best coffee Hanoi Old Quarter made from Fresh Roasted Arabica

best coffee hanoi old quarter
best coffee hanoi old quarter 2

You can choose any coffee of your own choice since NeoCafe offers a variety of selections from traditional Vietnamese coffee, espresso coffee, cold brew coffee, tea, and its ice blend and juices. Nonetheless, their Egg Coffee is definitely to die for! It has a thick and sweet mixed flavor of Vietnamese coffee topped with a light yellow creamy soft egg. If you haven’t tried ordering this drink, NeoCafe is the best choice to go to as it is undeniably the top-tier egg coffee in Hanoi

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best coffee hanoi old quarter 2.1

Another one that is recommended for you to try is their Vietnamese Specialty Coffee. Being one of their best-sellers, you can ensure high-quality 100% pure natural ingredients with no chemical flavor and preservatives since these are from the finest coffee beans. It brings out the Vietnamese identity with international standards from their specialties, Robusta and Arabica coffees.

Last but not least, you should not miss their Cold Brew Coffee selection, especially NeoCafe’s Coldbrew Cam Sả or Lemongrass Orange Cold Brew Coffee. This drink would surprise you with its astonishingly complex taste consisting of rich coffee blended with both lemongrass and orange in a cup. Sipping on an ice-cold coffee is perfect for outdoor trips in the blazing hot weather. It will definitely help you beat the summer heat!

3. Café Dinh – Must-try egg coffee in town

Did you know that Café Dinh is known for their delicious version of egg coffee? It is significantly connected to the origin of this drink. If we dive into its history, Café Dinh was established by Mrs. Bich, who is the daughter of Mr. Giang, the owner of the Giang Cafe which is where the famous Egg Coffee Hanoi originated. No wonder they have the same remarkable taste and exceptional quality! With this, it can considerably be the best coffee Hanoi Old Quarter that you can find.

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best coffee hanoi old quarter 3

This cafe is located on the second floor of an ancient French villa. Because of this, you first need to go inside a bag shop and climb up using the stairs. Despite the little hassle going here, it would definitely be worth all the energy because you will see a simple and fine interior design. On its balcony, you can even catch a glimpse of the beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake. This kind of view would perfectly match your delectable coffee! What an ideal place it is to sip a tasty coffee while enjoying a beautiful view. Aside from its famous drinks, you will also be in awe of its interior design with French colonial style. This is personally kept by Mrs. Bich for numerous years, so it’s definitely a sight to see. See it for yourself if you agree that Café Dinh is the best coffee shop in Hanoi.

4. An Café – Egg coffee latte art portrait 

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best coffee hanoi old quarter 4

An Café is situated right in the Old Quarter, yet away from the most hectic parts of this famous tourist spot. So, it would be a great option if you want to sip into your favorite Vietnamese traditional specialty coffee while enjoying the beautiful view of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. On top of that, this laid-back cafe has a cozy interior design with a color scheme of red and white colors that adds up to the overall experience.

Their Egg Coffee is definitely a must-try for all tourists coming by the Old Quarter. You wouldn’t be able to resist the perfect mix of its strong dark brew and sweetened condensed milk topped with airy whipped eggs. Moreover, you can even have the baristas outline a latte art of your own portrait. There is no doubt that An Café is an instagrammable cafe in Hanoi where you can take a lot of great pictures!

5. Café Pho Co – Amazing rooftop view with your coffee

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best coffee hanoi old quarter 5

Despite having a little struggle going to this cafe since it is situated on a rooftop where you first need to enter a silk clothing shop and use the stairs, you can say that the trip here was worth it. Their fluffy and creamy egg coffee is definitely a must-try! It is highly praised by people that its own version of Vietnamese Egg Coffee is recognized as a match with Café Dinh. Hence, you can judge on your own which of the two is better. 

Another drink to try, especially for those with a sweet tooth, is Café Pho Co’s Coconut Coffee. Those who don’t prefer having a strong flavor of coffee would like it as well. Come and try it if you would consider it the best coconut coffee in Hanoi. Likewise, you might want to explore having a taste of their egg hot chocolate where you can taste that the warm cocoa relinquishes the richness of its flavor. 

6. Cong Caphe – Known for its trademark coconut coffee

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best coffee hanoi old quarter 6

When it comes to coconut coffee, people consider it Cong Caphe’s trademark drink. What makes it more special than others is that the coffee is mixed with condensed milk and coconut milk in a golden ratio which gives way to its addictive and mouth-watering taste. Aside from its famous trademark drink, it has a menu offering a variety of drinks such as white coffee, coconut milk with mung bean, and coconut milk with green rice. You can try these if you wanna have something different once in a while that will freshen your taste buds.

To add up, this cafe can also be regarded as an instagrammable cafe in Hanoi with its rich taste of coconut coffee while viewing the Hanoi Old Quarter. You can see different furniture and objects that exhibit what an ordinary day living in Vietnam looks like during the late 1980s to early 1990s. It reminisces the olden times of Vietnamese history. This kind of experience seems like a leap in the past! Other than this, it’s ensured that the store has all staff here who are friendly and demonstrate a professional service attitude. 

best coffee hanoi old quarter 6 1 | Quancafe.life
best coffee hanoi old quarter 6.1

As their coconut coffee is highly praised by its customers, it is also commendable that you can buy quality drinks at a reasonable price. If you come by the cafe during summer under the scorching heat of the sun, you can still taste their trademark drink while still feeling refreshed. Their Coconut Coffee Smoothie is also a must-try for everyone!

7. Loading T Cafe – Spot in the heart of the Old Quarter

Vietnamese egg coffee is so famous that a lot of tourists deliberately go to Hanoi to try and experience its marvel first-hand. Similarly, egg coffee is the highlight of Loading T Cafe. Due to its high-quality drink, it even appeared next to Giang Cafe, which is where the egg coffee originated, in terms of the best egg coffee spots in Hanoi. Aside from this, it is also praised for the selection that its menu offers, from its coffee, fruit smoothies, and teas. 

best coffee hanoi old quarter 7 | Quancafe.life
best coffee hanoi old quarter 7

If you’re finding the best coffee shop in Hanoi, particularly one that is located in the heart of the Old Quarter, make sure to include Loading T Cafe on your list. It has a cozy and relaxing atmosphere where you can just chill alone or hang out with your friends. Not to mention that their staff has the friendliest and most welcoming service attitude to all customers.

8. The Note Coffee – Post-it notes all over the walls 

Another drink that is worth mentioning here is The Note Coffee’s Coconut Coffee. A lot of people consider it the best coconut coffee in Hanoi, so why don’t you see it for yourself the next time you visit Hanoi, Vietnam? Moreover, their version of Egg Coffee is also praised by many! After ordering either of these two (or you can have them both at the same time!), you can also pair it with your favorite snacks, such as cheesecake and croissants.

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best coffee hanoi old quarter 8

Apart from offering the best coffee in the Hanoi Old Quarter, The Note Coffee also has a nice view inside its building since it is entirely decorated with Post-it notes on every corner. You will just find yourself smiling and feeling moved by the messages that you read on these notes while sipping on your favorite coffee. What’s special about this cafe is that it enables individuals from different races and backgrounds all over the world to be connected with one another. The sincerity from these letters speaks so loud that The Note Coffee is continually being recognized by more and more people. Indeed, this should definitely become an addition to your bucket list!

9. Blackbird Coffee – Single-origin coffees in the Old Quarter

If you’re a fan of strong flavored coffee, then you are on the right track because Blackbird Coffee is known to have brought to perfection in making their Vietnamese iced coffee where you can taste the flawless mixture of the concentrated shot of espresso and the sweetness of condensed milk. It’s not surprising that their coffees have super rich taste knowing that they themselves locally grown and roasted the coffee beans used in making their masterpieces.

best coffee hanoi old quarter 9 | Quancafe.life
best coffee hanoi old quarter 9

Truly, Blackbird Coffee is the first-rate cafe in Hanoi’s Old Quarter given how meticulous they are in ensuring the quality of the single-origin coffees they serve to the customers. Additionally, it is the perfect area to hang out if you want a trendy and classy vibe all over the place. The cafe is located in the ideal spot under a shade allowing it to have enough sunlight without being under the scorching heat of the sun. This kind of temperature goes very well with its bright orange exterior. This is absolutely the best cozy spot amidst the busy Old Quarter street.

10. Cafe Lam Hanoi – Simple cafe with flavorful coffees

Lastly, the egg coffee in Cafe Lam Hanoi is one of the lists of cafes you should try when visiting the Old Quarter. If you don’t prefer your egg coffee to be too creamy, this is the perfect choice for you! Nonetheless, you can still taste its rich flavor, and will tickle your taste buds. Aside from the hype for its egg coffee, its Vietnamese iced coffee is also great to try on. It may be a simple cafe and be quite difficult to locate, but it would definitely be worth it! 

best coffee hanoi old quarter 10 | Quancafe.life
best coffee hanoi old quarter 10

Hanoi, Vietnam is known for its quality and delectable coffees, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of locals and tourists travel here on purpose just to get a taste of it! More specifically, a great number of cafes that offer the best coffee are found in the Old Quarter. This list by Quan Cafe might help you plan your coffee trip while traveling. Then, you can decide on what is the best coffee Hanoi Old Quarter for you afterward!

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