Among the most famous coffees in Vietnam, the traditional Vietnamese Egg Coffee caught most people’s attention. The typical initial reactions when hearing about a coffee mixed with egg are either complete unbelief or disgust. Well, we can’t expect everyone to respond positively since they haven’t tried it, not even once! So, it’s understandable because they haven’t experienced the creamy taste and well-balanced mixture of coffee and whipped egg, which is the absolute game changer. 

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Cà Phê Trứng, translated in English as Vietnamese Egg Coffee, usually contains ingredients such as coffee, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and egg yolks. The egg yolks are beaten along with the sweetened condensed milk to make it creamy and airy. You just need to pour a half cup of Vietnamese coffee and add the whipped egg cream on top, then that’s it! Whether you want to mix it all together or drink it from top to bottom, it’s up to your choice. If you decide to mix it, the creaminess of whipped egg and bitterness of coffee will blend with one another. However, when you drink it directly with the cream on top going to the coffee below, you will be able to explore each flavor one at a time. Aside from that, adding eggs as an ingredient enhances the overall taste of the coffee, making it more delicious. The reason is that heated eggs absorb the natural bitterness from coffee, thus resulting in a richer and creamier brew taste.

Now that you already know what egg coffee is, perhaps you are getting curious about how this egg coffee craze all started. Its origin story can be inspiring and astonishing at the same time because it wasn’t what you expected. More specifically, achieving this success was not a bed of roses at all. Before we get into the deets of its history, it’s fair to recognize that Vietnam is the second largest coffee-producing country in the world. With that said, it’s not surprising how Vietnam has a rich taste of coffee, let alone a great place to have freshly brewed coffee. It’s home to many delectable coffees, like hot or iced coconut coffee, milk coffee, and, of course, the renowned egg coffee.

Cafe Giang – The beginning of Vietnamese egg coffee

Although you can find egg coffee from across the globe, the one who invented this drink was Cafe Giang Hanoi. Back in 1946, when it was founded, there was a former bartender at a hotel named Nguyen Van Giang. The war that Vietnam was under caused a lot of problems for the country and its people, but let’s not get into great detail about it. One of its consequences affected the coffee industry since the majority of coffee makers and local customers, if not all, enjoy the strong and bitter taste of French-press Robusta coffee. Yet, they substantially depend on steaming the milk to balance it out and achieve that perfectly delicious taste. Unfortunately, Vietnam faced a massive problem with the shortage of milk. Using milk has become a staple for their coffees. Hence, the situation absolutely wrecked the making of traditional Vietnamese coffees. It affected many people, particularly those who love coffee and drink it on a daily basis.

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Mr. Giang originally intended to create a signature Vietnamese version of the Cappuccino. Still, the problem was that there was a lack of milk. However, it did not hinder Mr. Giang as he decided to use egg yolk as a replacement for milk. This was a clever hack because by whisking egg yolk, it can become an alternative for the dairy product that will be used in the coffee. He wasn’t sure what the result might be, but surprisingly, he created a creamy, frothy egg coffee, to his surprise. Its visual appearance was even appetizing, resembling a lot of liquified tiramisu! 

Many cafes have modified Mr. Giang’s recipe for making egg coffee to make their own version and flavor. Decades had passed, but Cafe Giang’s original ingredients still remained the same up until now. So, rest assured that what you’ll taste here is as good as authentic! Their recipe is the reason for its delicious egg coffee that made it widely known, driving locals and tourists to have a soft spot for this drink. It includes raw egg yolk, Vietnamese robusta coffee, butter, cow cheese, and sweetened condensed milk. Before adding the whisked egg cream, the coffee is brewed in a cup first. Their original taste is what pushes locals and tourists to search Cafe Giang’s address in Hanoi and visit them.

If you want to try their delectable egg coffee, Quan Cafe has you covered because we’ll guide you through the menu of Cafe Giang Hanoi! Their menu is divided into categories: Egg (Trứng), Tea (Trà), Juice (Nước hoa quả), Coffee (Cafe), Yogurt (Sữa chua), and Others (khác). Don’t worry, reading the menu wouldn’t be a problem for tourists because it has an English translation for every beverage. Let’s look through each of them, including the prices in Cafe Giang, Hanoi!

Since Cafe Giang Hanoi gave birth to using eggs as an ingredient in coffee, it’s little wonder that they have expanded it to create other varieties of sensational drinks. You can literally see an entire list of beverages in the Egg section of their menu. Obviously, first on the list is the renowned Egg Coffee, followed by the following drinks: Egg Cocoa, Egg with Mug Bean, Egg Mix (Coffee-Cocoa/Coffee-Mug Bean), Egg Cream (Coffee, Cocoa, Mug Bean), Egg Cream (Oreo, Matcha, Cinnamon, Azuki), Egg Matcha, Egg with Oreo, Egg with Cinnamon, Egg Coffee with Almond, Egg Cocoa with Almond, Egg with Azuki, Egg with Rum (Coffee, Cocoa), Egg Beer, and Egg Coke. Indeed, you can explore various egg drinks on their wide-ranging menu! If you wanna know how much it costs, the egg drinks’ prices from Cafe Giang Hanoi range from 35K to 50K.

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They say that there are different kinds of people, but did you know the truth that the world is only divided into two categories: coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. It is either you sip a cup of tea or chug a mug of coffee. So, which one are you? If, in the first thing in the morning, the first thing you need to do is drink coffee to start the day and boost your energy, then there’s no doubt that you’re a certified coffee lover! Cafe Giang Hanoi serves a variety of selections that would definitely be up to your taste. They have Cafe đen or Black Coffee for people who prefer their coffee to be intensely bitter. While if you wanna add some sweetness, you should try their Cafe sữa or Coffee with Condensed Milk, but for a sweet-tooth, Bạc xỉu or White Coffee would be a better option. Among these three coffees, you can choose whether you want it to be served hot or iced. In addition, you can still buy their ready-made coffee as a to go with their Cafe đóng chai or Coffee Bottle, but if you wanna make your coffee yourself at home, then go for 200-gram Cafe bột or Coffee Powder and their Cafe phin giấy or Drip Bag Coffee. On the other hand, tea drinkers have options that include Mint tea, Peach tea, Lipton tea, Daisy tea, Ginger tea, or Vietnamese tea. Then, you can pair it up with your favorite snacks! In conclusion, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a tea or coffee person because there’s always something for you here. 

When it comes to juices, they have a broad spectrum of choices depending on your mood. Among the list includes the following: Mug Bean, Cocoa with Condensed Milk, Salted Apricot, Sweet Apricot, Dracontomelon, Tapioca, Lemonade, Lemonade with Condensed Milk, Passion Fruit, Lemonade with Rum, Lemonade Soda, Orange Juice, and Orange Soda. Notice how Cafe Giang Hanoi serves various kinds of fruits and even adds some twists to it. Additionally, the Yogurt section is perfect for you if you’re craving something dessert-like. Aside from its health benefits, it becomes more delicious when added to your favorite flavorful toppings. You can choose from the following: Yogurt (Coffee, Cocoa), Passion Yogurt, and Yogurt (Matcha, Oreo, Coffee with Almond, Cocoa with Almond). Lastly, the Others section in the menu of Cafe Giang Hanoi includes Lavie Water, Sunflower Seed, Coke, Sapporo Beer, and Jerky Beef. 

If you’re traveling in Vietnam and want to try Vietnamese egg coffee, the address of Cafe Giang Hanoi is 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

NeoCafe – A rising-star cafe offering a richer taste of egg coffee

Among the coffee shops that tried to create their own version of Vietnamese egg coffee, there is a new cafe in Nguyen Huu Huan, known as the street of Egg Coffee in Hanoi. NeoCafe is the newly established cafe that has been making its name in the industry as well as among locals and tourists. Despite having quite a few coffee shops rooted for decades now, NeoCafe wouldn’t lose in terms of the quality of egg coffee they serve. Compared to the original flavor of egg coffee from Cafe Giang Hanoi, you can taste a richer and slightly thicker flavor in NeoCafe, making your egg coffee on a higher level. It perfectly balances the strong coffee taste and sweetness of the creamy soft egg froth. Also, the coffees they serve are made from fresh coffee beans that are newly roasted, so you can ensure a richer taste. The ultimate experience that tourists can have here is what makes it distinct from others. They can make their own egg coffee by themselves while still being guided. Indeed, NeoCafe is raising its game!

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Aside from its delectable egg coffee, it has obtained a good reputation from locals and tourists because of its cafe’s fascinating modern-style decoration. Because of this, NeoCafe is the best option when planning to hang out with your friends since they have spacious rooms and multiple tables with comfortable chairs. Its interior’s light and dark brown tones combined with great lighting build an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, it’s the perfect place to take your Instagram-worthy selfies and groupies! 

If you want to explore other drinks, you should try NeoCafe’s Vietnamese Specialty Coffee. You can taste the rich flavor and sweetness in Vietnamese coffee that tourists travel to Vietnam to savor its delectable taste. It is also brewed from fresh NeoCafe beans that are newly roasted; hence, you can guarantee to drink coffee with the finest quality. Enjoy the taste of authentic Vietnamese coffee and explore its rich flavor in every sip! However, if you want to drink a different beverage for a change, perhaps a cold one, NeoCafe has something perfect for your taste. Coffee is not just limited to the weather forecast and temperature of the day because even under the sun’s scorching heat, you can be refreshed by NeoCafe’s Coldbrew Cam Sả, translated in English to Lemongrass Orange Cold Brew Coffee. This is undoubtedly a must-try because it tastes surprisingly delicious, causing you to become marveled at an uncommon combination of coffee, lemongrass, and orange. You will be amazed by the complexity of each flavor and how it balances one another, resulting in an extraordinary drink.

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NeoCafe is absolutely a must-try cafe when visiting Hanoi! Their store is at 35B Nguyen Huu, Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam. They are open daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

In a nutshell, there is no doubt that egg coffee is truly a delicate beauty of Hanoi cuisine that no one should miss once they visit the town. It was astonishing to know how it all started with Cafe Giang Hanoi and continues to advance not just in Vietnam but also in different parts of the world. If you want to taste the egg coffee made by the one who invented it, then Cafe Giang Hanoi is the one you’re looking for. However, if you prefer a richer, creamier, and more flavorful egg coffee experience, Quan Cafe would recommend going for the best choice, NeoCafe.

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