Cafe Trung Hanoi – People from different parts of the world deliberately travel all the way to Vietnam to have a taste of the famous egg coffee. It has been recognized locally and internationally that you can find quality and flavorful coffees in Vietnam. Still, this particular coffee got everyone intrigued that it has always been the talk of the town. Though we can’t blame them for that! For most of us, the idea of mixing coffee with eggs seems pure insanity because we couldn’t imagine drinking anything with eggs in it and what it would taste like. But, in Hanoi, countless coffee shops make it, wherein it is usually their best-seller and signature drink. It now adds to the long list of sensational coffees globally. Apart from the coffee itself being phenomenal, adding a whole different twist is another story. In a similar way, Vietnam has achieved to create a new buzz for all coffee lovers that are just out of this world. The highly-praised feedback and comments of people about the famous Vietnamese egg coffee make it more intriguing to know what the hype is all about. As they say, you’ve got to taste it to believe it! This couldn’t be more true! 

Cafe Trung Hanoi
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You may wonder questions such as, “How do you make an egg coffee?” The process of making egg coffee is easy-peasy, and you can even create it at home! You just need the following ingredients: Vietnamese coffee, sugar, egg yolk, and sweetened condensed milk. Then, you are free to add other recipes to have a distinct taste of your own. Usually, in a cafe, when a customer orders an egg coffee, the barista heats the Vietnamese coffee first before pouring it over the beaten egg cup that was prepared beforehand. In the past, the egg yolk is beaten manually by hand, making it more difficult and longer to do. However, through the use of machines, like an electric mixer, it is now easier and more convenient. The egg yolks are mixed with butter, granulated sugar, and milk to achieve the sweet and creamy flavor of the cream on top of the egg coffee. Doing all of these results in Vietnamese egg coffee with a delicious taste and an attractive visual appearance. Some cafes even put lovely latte arts on top to make it more appealing. Nonetheless, it’s no doubt that just by looking at it and smelling the coffee aroma, it would definitely make your mouth water! 

Despite the global recognition that Vietnamese egg coffee has achieved in the present, it did not happen overnight. Going back to the history of the famous egg coffee, it was invented by Mr. Giang, who is the owner of Cafe Giang. In 1946, Mr. Giang was working as a hotel bartender when he planned to create a cappuccino and make it in Vietnamese style. However, he faced some obstacles, such as the shortage of milk, but he still continued with his plan, so he used eggs as a substitute instead. This move by Mr. Giang was remarkably clever because whisking the egg yolk can serve as a good alternative for dairy used in coffees. Although he was doing it manually by hand, it was a lot harder and took longer to finish. In contrast, it became much easier and more convenient to beat egg yolks, thanks to the invention of machines. To his surprise, the foreigners staying in the hotel were highly satisfied because of its delicious taste. Afterward, this compelled Mr. Giang to resign from his current job to start his own coffee shop, and that’s when Cafe Giang was established. 

Cafe Trung Hanoi
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A lot of people doubted its taste at first, but having a first-hand experience of its delightful and complementing flavors all together in a cup changed their minds. The recipe that was once an alternative and experiment to an intended drink eventually became one of the greatest inventions that were made in the history of coffee. Because of this, it’s not surprising to see how the majority of coffee shops in Hanoi, if not all, serve their own version of egg coffee on their menu. They either haven’t achieved the authentic flavor of traditional egg coffee, or they were able to make it their own. When a cafe belongs to the latter, it’s too noteworthy not to commend and recommend it to everyone.

Right now, we will be looking into Cafe Trung and see if it’s worth all the hype it’s been receiving. Hence, you will be a critic starting at this moment to decide whether you will give it a try or not. Quan Cafe will discuss its menu, price, and location to help you be guided if ever you decide to visit there and try their famous egg coffee.

Egg coffee in Vietnamese translation is ​​Cà phê trứng, wherein a particular coffee shop is named after. Cafe Trung Hanoi is very popular mainly because of its delicious egg coffee. See for yourself if Cafe Trung Hanoi is among the best ones in Hanoi. When going here, you should find a glass door that has a red sign above with the name of the cafe, “Egg Coffee” written in bold font, and italicized “Cafe Trung” below it. You can also see Cafe Trung’s address in Hanoi displayed on the left part of the sign. There is a white colored circle with the number 39 written inside, then Nguyen Huu Huan is placed in a smaller font size below it. Aside from the sign above, another detail to help you locate the store is the blackboard placed in front of the door. The cafe has simple decorations inside with brick walls and wood furniture. 

Their menu is written on a blackboard displayed on the wall. It is divided into five categories: Vietnamese coffee, Special Coffee, Ice Blended Coffee, Tea, and Mojito. Vietnamese Coffee includes Traditional Coffee, Coffee with Condensed Milk, Coffee with Milk, Caramel Coffee, and Mocha. While Special Coffee consists of Coffee & Orange Wine, Coffee & Baileys Wine, Coconut Coffee, and Egg Coffee. If you want to have their Ice Blended Coffee, you can choose from either Vanilla or Caramel. Their Tea selection has different options, including Earl Grey, Peppermint, Strawberry, Lemon, Mango, and Apple. Lastly, Mojito comprises flavors such as Lemon, Green Apple, Passion, Strawberry, and Blue Sky. You can view the prices of drinks at Hanoi’s Cafe Trung since it is written in a list displayed in the cafe.

Cafe Trung Hanoi is in a cup placed inside a small bowl that contains hot water. This is done to maintain the hot temperature of egg coffee for a more extended period. A cup of Hanoi’s famous egg coffee in Cafe Trung is divided into two layers. The upper part, which consists of the majority of the drink, is the soft creamy whipped egg foam. While the other one contains like 10% of the cup is black coffee settling at the bottom of the cup. It’s kind of surprising that they serve large portions of egg coffees because it is usually in small cups in other cafes. The creaminess and bitterness of the mixed egg and coffee complement each other very well, and the delicious taste pleases your taste buds. If you are wondering about the price of Cafe Trung Hanoi, it costs 35k, which is similar to most cafes in Hanoi.

Cafe Trung Hanoi
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The taste of egg coffee at Cafe Trung Hanoi leans on the sweeter side. So, if you are a sweet tooth or just craving something sweet, then Cafe Trung Hanoi is the most suitable one for you! Some people commend Cafe Trung’s egg coffee as the best one in Hanoi because of how surprisingly good their homemade coffee is. They deliver a delectable traditional taste of egg coffee alongside a unique Vietnam identity flavor. When compared to the egg coffees from other renowned coffee shops in Hanoi, Cafe Trung’s version does not have the same quality in taste, but it is still worth trying. Since it is located right beside Cafe Giang, the inventor of Vietnamese egg coffee, it can be a great idea to go to Cafe Trung instead. Especially when you get caught up during the time of day when it is most crowded and busiest. Likewise, it would also be easier to transfer to Cafe Trung Hanoi whenever you feel like going for a round two of egg coffee after staying in Cafe Giang.

If you are in Hanoi and plan to visit Cafe Trung Hanoi, its address is 37 Nguyen Huu Huan, Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam. They are open daily from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM.

Like Cafe Trung Hanoi, there are numerous candidates for having the best egg coffee in town. While there are many factors to consider before coming to a decision, Quan Cafe would have to give it to NeoCafe. It is a newly established coffee shop in Nguyen Huu Huan, known as the street of egg coffee in Hanoi. NeoCafe has been continuously rising to fame with its version of egg coffee that has greater quality, and even locals and tourists are purposely going here to try their signature drink. Although it is a new cafe, having fewer years compared to other coffee shops, it doesn’t lack the x-factor of being the best egg coffee in Hanoi. It has a perfect balance mixture of the bitter taste of Vietnamese coffee and the sweetness of the creamy egg foam. Similarly, it gives off a richer and slightly thicker flavor compared to the originator of egg coffee itself, Cafe Giang. They definitely leveled up the quality in making egg coffee, especially since it is made from newly roasted fresh coffee beans. This gives way to the superb rich taste that NeoCafe’s egg coffee possesses. 

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The overall experience in NeoCafe is also commendable, especially since customers have the chance to make their own egg coffee. Although it may sound unsettling because it’s challenging to do it for someone who has no experience of it, there is no need to be afraid or nervous because you will be guided by the baristas throughout the process. Just the imagination of making your own egg coffee seems really exciting! Apart from this, the customers staying in NeoCafe are always prioritized to have a relaxing and best experience every time. The interior design of the cafe is praise-worthy! It has an attractive modern-style vibe with a big space, multiple tables, and comfortable chairs to accommodate groups of customers. Along with this, its light and dark brown tones emphasize the elegant setting of the place. Combined with the perfect lighting, every picture you take inside the cafe is definitely worthy to post on Instagram or Facebook.

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Aside from their highly praised egg coffee, you can also explore other beverages that NeoCafe serves. First on the list of must-try drinks is their Vietnamese Specialty Coffee, where you can enjoy savoring its richness and sweetness together with the authentic Vietnamese taste. Like what was mentioned earlier, NeoCafe’s coffees are made from freshly roasted beans, so you can guarantee their rich taste in each sip. In addition to this, coffee lovers can acknowledge that drinking coffee is not limited to hot weather because you can have a cold brew to freshen you up during these days. With this, NeoCafe has a variety of cold brews that will suit your taste! Quan Cafe recommends its Coldbrew Cam Sả, translated in English as Lemongrass Orange Cold Brew. Although doubting this kind of combination as an initial response is normal, it tastes surprisingly good. The flavors of coffee, lemongrass, and orange mixed together are very refreshing. 

Do you plan to visit NeoCafe in the future to try their delectable egg coffee? You can find their store in the Old Quarter at 35B Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam. You better not miss out on this!

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