Walking down the streets of Hanoi to look for an outstanding cà phê trúng or egg coffee? You might be lost along the way if you don’t know the exact address where the egg coffee can be found in Hanoi. Imagine the time wasted walking around to find the location when this happens. But, wait! We can avoid making the same mistake! Quan Cafe has made a list of cafes in Hanoi with their addresses where you can find the finest egg coffee in the city. 

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If you are familiar with Vietnam, you would know how their coffees are incredibly sought-after by locals all over the country. It also became so famous globally that even tourists travel across the world to try and find out all the craze about it. Egg coffee is made from concentrated Vietnamese coffee topped with a creamy soft egg white foam. It can be served hot or cold, depending on what you prefer. Although hot egg coffee is more commonly ordered by customers. It is served in a cup on a small dish of hot water. In this way, the hot temperature of the egg coffee will be maintained for a longer time. There are two ways of drinking it: mixing the egg cream and coffee or sipping it from top to bottom. But, among these two, the latter is highly recommended because you get to explore the egg cream’s sweetness and the coffee’s bitterness individually. On the other hand, the cold version of egg coffee has a taste similar to coffee ice cream. Once it is served, it is accompanied by a spoon to consume the drink. Simply put, it is like a dessert! 

Here is the list of addresses with the best egg coffees in Hanoi prepared by Quan Cafe to help you find it easier once you visit the city:

1. Cafe Giang – The famous Egg Coffee Hanoi Address

egg coffee hanoi address
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Needless to say, when we talk about the original egg coffee in Hanoi, the first thing that will pop in mind is where it originated. Cafe Giang was established in 1946 when Mr. Giang unintentionally created the first egg coffee. It was unplanned because he was supposed to create a new specialty coffee by making a cappuccino in Vietnamese style. However, due to the lack of milk supplies, he decided to use whisked egg yolk as a substitute. And to his surprise, the result was outstanding and the foreigners staying in the hotel where he was working before gave it a positive response. As a result, he left being a bartender to start his own coffee shop and start selling his newly made egg coffee. Up to this date, Cafe Giang has been using the same original recipe for decades, preserving the authentic taste of the earliest Vietnamese egg coffee in Hanoi. The recipe mainly consists of condensed milk, coffee powder, butter, cheese, and egg.

Once the egg coffee is served to you, the first thing you will notice immediately is the yellow custard on top. It appears to be very creamy, but if you want to witness the truth about this, you can try it yourself! However, it might be a little challenging to go to Cafe Giang because it is situated in a narrow alleyway. So, you should know all the details regarding the directions to the place. Make sure to find the sign pointing to the shop’s name so you won’t get lost. The Cafe Giang’s address to taste this classic egg coffee in Hanoi is 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

2. NeoCafe – New cafe in Hanoi’s Old Quarter with the best egg coffee

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NeoCafe is a newly established cafe in the bustling and popular tourist spot, Old Quarter. Before we go into the details of discovering why their version of egg coffee has become instantly notable with locals and tourists, let’s first dive into its interiors. Even just by viewing the store from the outside, you can immediately notice its attractive modern-style decoration. There is a relaxing and elegant vibe filling the cafe’s overall atmosphere. Hence, it is an ideal spacious place to go for a cup of coffee with your friends and family while sitting in its comfy chairs. Additionally, we cannot mention how perfect the lighting here is! It is blended with the light and dark brown tones of the environment. 

Moving along to the acclaimed egg coffee of NeoCafe, it has a vibrant and fresh taste of traditional Vietnamese coffee. It is because NeoCafe’s beans are ensured to come from newly roasted beans. This allows the coffee to have the finest quality in every sip. Moreover, NeoCafe’s egg coffee perfectly balanced the sweetness of condensed milk and the strong taste of coffee. You will also love the creamy soft egg foam in the first sip! NeoCafe has totally raised the bar for serving an extraordinarily delicious egg coffee that has a richer and slightly thicker flavor when compared to Cafe Giang. Apart from this, there’s a bonus experience for all tourists because they can make their own egg coffee by themselves. It might sound a little bit nerve-wracking to do so, but they will still be guided in the process. 

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Apart from having the best egg coffee in Hanoi, they also have other specialty drinks you should try. NeoCafe’s Vietnamese Specialty Coffee allows you to enjoy the authentic taste of Vietnamese coffee that has become famous worldwide. Furthermore, another drink you should add to your list is Lemongrass Orange Cold Brew Coffee. This is perfect during a hot day since it will freshen you up with each sip. Apart from this, you will be surprised by how well coffee, lemongrass, and orange balance one another’s flavor. 

You can find NeoCafe’s store in the Old Quarter at 35B Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam. Don’t miss tasting the finest egg coffee in Hanoi!

3. Oriberry Coffee – Single-origin coffees and ceramic tableware in one place

Another spotted egg coffee in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is from Oriberry Coffee. This cafe is located at 36 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam. Suppose you want to go to a cafe with a unique and different identity. In that case, Oriberry Coffee is definitely a must-go. The place is filled with ceramics that have the finest quality. Amazingly, you can purchase tableware here! It’s worth the visit if you’re looking for quality tableware in varieties. You will surely like the patterns and designs in every piece. 

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What makes their coffees special is that they are high-quality coffee from roasted beans directly acquired from Vietnamese farmers. Hence, Oriberry Coffee serves single-origin coffees, which helps provide more opportunities and jobs for farmers to have better incomes and working conditions. With that said, you can ensure that their egg coffee is made from high-quality beans. However, if you want something that has a more flavorful and richer taste, NeoCafe is the best place to look for. It has a delicious, sweet, and thick mixed flavor of Vietnamese coffee topped with a creamy soft egg. Besides this, Oriberry Coffee has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, so it’s suitable for customers who want to work, gather in groups, or read a book alone.

4. Loading T Café – Elegant colonial mansion with a coffee shop inside

Although Loading T Café is situated in the middle of the busy Old Quarter, you can still stay here peacefully since it has a chill and relaxing atmosphere. It is decorated with vintage-themed furniture, lovely patterned flooring, and flowers in vases on each table. Likewise, the cafe is filled with the aroma of coffee. If you want to take a break and wind up from the busy streets of Hanoi, this cafe is the place to be! Since it is ultimately hidden from the city as it is on the second floor of an ancient French-colonial mansion.

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You should try Loading T Café’s version of egg coffee. The strong bitter taste of the espresso totally blends with the creamy sweetness of the egg cream on top. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a twist in an egg coffee, this is it! Their egg coffee has a surprising kick of cinnamon. So, for people who love cinnamon, this Vietnamese egg coffee in Hanoi is definitely up to your taste. This unique combination creates a delectable flavor that might be a new taste for a lot of people. 

If you wish to try this unique egg coffee in Hanoi, their address is 2nd Floor, 8 Chan Cam, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

5. The Note Coffee – Filled with Post-it notes containing the sincerest letters

When talking about a famous egg coffee in Hanoi, it is worth mentioning The Note Coffee primarily because of its unique interior design. This cafe is full of Post-it notes displayed on each wall. Even though it is a three-story building, it is entirely covered with these messages from customers locally and internationally. It has miraculously connected people from all over the world through their well-wishing messages. You can write a note saying that you were there! Reading the notes makes it more romantic because you can easily catch a sight of Hoan Kiem Lake through the cafe’s big open windows.

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They have great coffees that complement the unique interior design and the beautiful view of the lake outside. During your stay, it is recommended to try their egg coffee, then pair it with snacks like a croissant and some delicious cakes. Aside from this, The Note Coffee is also popular for its coconut coffee, and many people attest that it is among the best ones out there. 

Try The Note Coffee’s egg coffee in Hanoi through this address: 64 Luong Van Can, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

6. Café Lâm – A notable old cafe that was founded in 1956

Last but definitely not least, Café Lâm is one of the oldest coffee shops in Hanoi, as it was established in 1956. Knowing the humble beginnings of this notable cafe is awe-inspiring because it didn’t reach success immediately. It first began as a small stall along the sides of the street before occupying a small single-room in the crowded Nguyen Huu Huan. Although it wasn’t a blockbuster cafe with significant revenues back then, Mr. Lam warmly welcomed artists numerous times. He allowed them to exchange their art for a drink. Fast forward to today, these arts have become one of the greatest assets of Mr. Lam. Because of his art collection, Café Lâm became a distinct and creative coffee shop that attracts a lot of people to come and visit them. It’s like they are having coffee in an art museum!

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In addition, the antique oil paintings displayed on the cafe’s walls create a nostalgic and historical atmosphere, making one’s visit a lot more special. These precious arts become a way for people to have a glimpse of Vietnam in the past. Since the artists convey their point of view of the country through their art. It is incredible how these arts were preserved after many decades had passed.

Aside from having phenomenal details of the Café Lâm interiors, let’s talk about their menu. With all the years of experience in this field, it’s no wonder that they are recognized for creating authentic traditional Vietnamese coffees. One of the notable drinks here is their version of Hanoi’s original egg coffee. You get to relish the combination of Vietnamese coffee’s rich taste and the sweetness of condensed milk. Altogether, it is then topped with a meringue-like whipped egg yolk foam. 

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If you want to explore other drinks, you should also try their Vietnamese Iced Coffee. This is more suitable for people who prefer their coffee a little less sweet than egg coffee. You can taste the strongness of Vietnamese coffee with a touch of the right amount of sweetness. This tasty Egg Coffee Hanoi address is at 60 Nguyen Huu Huan Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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