Planning to travel to the largest city in Vietnam, which is Ho Chi Minh City? Fret not ’cause Quan Cafe can help you with your coffee itinerary! One of the coffee shops that you must try here is Little Hanoi Egg Coffee. It currently has two stores, Yersin and Le Lai, which you can visit. You might be interested to know more about this cafe, so we’ll tackle the characteristics that made it special in the hearts of many people. Along with the diverse menu of Little Hanoi Egg Coffee, you will be introduced to the specialties they offer. You’ll also understand why it is a hidden gem, or is it merely because of the Little Hanoi Egg Coffee’s address?

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Little Hanoi egg coffee 1

There’s truth in the old phrase, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It means that cooking a good meal is the key for someone to love you forever. That’s why we’ll be diving into Little Hanoi Egg Coffee’s menu to find out why it’s been in the hearts of many people.

Little Hanoi Egg Coffee

Looking for the perfect spot to have a nice cup of coffee while having your favorite snack? Then, Little Hanoi Egg Coffee is the one for you! They have multiple selections of snacks, which undoubtedly include your cravings. This is why this cafe should be one of your top choices even when finding a place to eat breakfast. Although it is a coffee shop, it is like a restaurant because they serve a delectable set of foods that will satisfy your hunger. Among these are Seafood Spring Roll and Fried Fermented Pork Roll; also, if you’re a fan of Banh Mi, they have Signature Beef Toast, BBQ Toast, Tuna Toast, and Ham Cheese Toast. The recommended ones include Mango Toast, Banana Toast, Cheese Egg Toast, Apple Toast, Ham Egg Cheese Toast, and Egg Avocado Toast. Although if you’re trying it for the first time, you should try Bacon Avocado Toast or Salmon Avocado Toast because you can never go wrong with the bestseller! Not just these, they also serve a whole new list of their best choices. The Best Choices selection consists of Combo Cheese Egg, Combo Ham Cheese, Combo Banana, Combo Mango, Combo Apple, Combo Egg Avocado, Combo Tuna, Combo Ham Egg Cheese, Combo BBQ, Combo Signature Beef, Combo Salmon Avocado, and Combo Bacon Avocado. Note that the combo includes one egg coffee or egg cacao and a toast. 

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Little Hanoi egg coffee 2

You can also have a nice meal here when your stay coincides with lunchtime or dinner. Yet, the one that will profit the most from this is the egg lovers. Although they only serve eggs, you can have them in your favorite way it’s cooked. Their selection includes three foods, so let’s see what’s in it for each. First, the Sunny Side Egg consists of two eggs, two whole wheat bread, salad lettuce, cherry tomato, onion, and feta cheese. Next is Scrambled Eggs which consist of three eggs, two whole wheat bread, salad lettuce, cherry tomato, onion, and feta cheese. Lastly, Omelette includes three eggs, two whole wheat bread, salad lettuce, cherry tomato, onion, and feta cheese. Also, if you want to put some add-ons, you can choose from egg, bread, ham, avocado, smoked bacon, and smoked salmon. 

Since we’re done with their food, we’ll now go through with the drinks. Of course, we can’t have food without a drink to pair it! If you’re traveling in Ho Chi Minh City on a scorching day, having Little Hanoi Egg Coffee as a destination is not a problem because they have a Fresh Fruit selection that will freshen you up. You can try their Mango Yogurt, Avocado Yogurt, Lemon Juice, and Orange Juice. In case you’re wondering what the customers usually order, it’s no other than Avocado Yogurt. The coldness and flavorful of these drinks are undeniably perfect for the weather! 

Little Hanoi Egg Coffee has something for you, whether you are a tea or coffee person. Since you are visiting Vietnam, you might as well explore its culture, particularly its cuisine. It’s common knowledge that the country is known for its rich and delicious coffee, but have you heard Trà truyền thống? It translates in English to Traditional Vietnamese Tea. You can try it here and choose between Lotus Tea or Jasmine Tea. When ordering these hot teas in Little Hanoi Egg Coffee, the price is 50k. It is served in a set, so you’ll have a hot pot tea alongside a green bean cake. Apart from this, you can also try their Black Tea selection. It includes Kumquat Ginger Lemongrass Tea, Orange Cinnamon Tea, and Honey Lemongrass Lime Tea, wherein it can be served cold or hot. On the other hand, Passion Fruit Ginger Tea, Peach Tea, and Lychee Tea are only served cold. The prices for Little Hanoi Egg Coffee’s Black Tea are all 55k. 

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Little Hanoi egg coffee 3

Needless to say, Little Hanoi Egg Coffee’s menu would not be complete without its coffee menu. They are known for their signature drinks, Egg Coffee, Egg Cacao, and the newly added Egg Matcha. All these cost 40k, and they can be served hot or cold. As you can see in the name of the store, it’s evident that egg coffee is their specialty. It’s no wonder that it’s deliciously made, causing many people to praise it. As the cup of egg coffee is served, you’ll notice right away how creamy and mouthwatering its top is. Just like how appetizing its visual appearance is, its taste won’t get you disappointed. It has a sweet and creamy flavor but still has a mild kick of the strong taste of Vietnamese coffee. To fully savor its taste, first taste a little amount of the cream on top, then slowly sip into the bottom part of the coffee. Afterward, that’s when you can mix the layers, depending on your liking. Their version of egg coffee stands more on the sweeter side, so if you prefer to taste the coffee better, this would not be the best option for you. If you will estimate the amount of coffee in the drink, it is only around 10% of the total since the coffee is only on the bottom-most part of the cup. Furthermore, if you prefer to have a regular coffee, they have ones that suit people who are either sweet tooth or not. For those who want classic black coffee, Vietnamese Black Coffee is the one you should have. In contrast, Vietnamese Milk Coffee will satisfy the sweet cravings of everyone.

As mentioned earlier, this cafe has two stores. The first one is Little Hanoi Egg Coffee (Yersin) which has a chill vibe to stay at with your friends. Although the space is not that big, it has an undeniably overflowing relaxing ambiance with all the picture frames displayed on the walls. The decorations are very vintage, causing you to reminisce about the past and feel relaxed. There’s a sense of tranquillity, especially since it is integrated with chill music. Imagine eating your favorite food while smelling the aroma of the coffee in this peaceful spot. How great is that? However, you might face a little issue finding its location because it is situated along a narrow alleyway. It might be even harder to go for first-timers because it requires familiarity with the directions.

Little Hanoi egg coffee
Little Hanoi egg coffee 4

On the other hand, the second store is Little Hanoi Egg Coffee (Le Lai) which is situated on the second floor of a small apartment. There is not much of a difference from the previous one because both of them display a comfortable atmosphere. However, it also has a small space, making it difficult to visit when crowded. Although finding this store was still challenging, it was less than the other branch. Moreover, it is filled with decorations of Vietnam’s culture, such as pictures of Vietnam and its people way back 1960s. 

Apart from their similarities, the only difference between these two is that Little Hanoi Egg Coffee (Le Lai) has a balcony since it is on the second level of a building. Because of this, you can enjoy the view of the city, mainly catching the sight of tourist spots like the Công viên 23 Tháng 9, which is translated as September 23rd Park or 23/9 Park, and the second tallest tower in Vietnam, Bitexco Financial Tower. 

If you want to visit them, the store’s address of Little Hanoi Egg Coffee (Yersin) is 119/5 Yersin St, D.1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. While the store’s address of Little Hanoi Egg Coffee (Le Lai) is 2nd Floor, 212 Le Lai St, D.1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

NeoCafe – The newly built cafe in Hanoi that’s been gaining respect from locals and tourists

In addition, if you wish to explore Vietnam more and its cafes, Quan Cafe recommends a new cafe that has been rising to fame. It has multiple stores in Hanoi, which is fitting because if you want to continue with your coffee trip, this city has a lot of cafes serving the best Vietnamese coffees, especially egg coffee. NeoCafe is a newly opened cafe that offers the best egg coffee in town. Because of its rich and flavorful version of egg coffee, it has been praised and recognized by locals and tourists. Being established for a little while is never an issue for being one of the cafes with the finest quality egg coffee. In comparison with the original flavor of egg coffee from renowned coffee shops, NeoCafe has a top-level taste because of its richer and slightly thicker flavor. They have accomplished the perfect balance between strong coffee’s taste and egg foam’s sweetness. 

NeoCafe is cut from above because their coffees are made from newly roasted fresh coffee beans. Hence, you can guarantee that the quality of egg coffee here will not disappoint you. Apart from this, another thing that makes it distinct from others is the utmost experience that tourists can feel. Since it is not every time that you can make an egg coffee on your own! But there’s no need to feel nervous about doing it because you will still be guided on the process. Talk about elevating the game!

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Little Hanoi egg coffee 4

When it comes to a more traditional Vietnamese taste, you should definitely taste NeoCafe’s Vietnamese Specialty Coffee. The richness and sweetness of the flavor are superb in that you will be satisfied with every sip of your coffee. What completes this delightful taste is that it is brewed from newly roasted fresh NeoCafe beans. This explains why you can ensure that your coffee is made of the finest quality. So, if you are planning to have a taste of traditional Vietnamese coffee, NeoCafe is the perfect place for you! Make sure to explore the high-flavored taste in each sip! 

Furthermore, NeoCafe is not limited to delicious hot coffee because they also offer cold beverages like their Coldbrew Cam Sả, translated in English to Lemongrass Orange Cold Brew Coffee. This drink is perfect for those who still want to enjoy drinking coffee under the scorching heat of the sun. Indeed, having a good coffee can’t be hindered by any type of weather! You will be surprised by the complexity of Lemongrass Orange Cold Brew Coffee in taste because the combination of coffee, orange, and lemongrass matches each other very well. It’s impressive how each flavor balances one another, making a highly satisfying drink.

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Little Hanoi egg coffee 5

Aside from NeoCafe’s must-try drinks, it has become popular because of its modern-style interior design that fascinates every customer staying here. It is the perfect place for hanging out with your friends and family because it has a vast space to accommodate groups of customers. Apart from this, it is guaranteed that your stay will be enjoyable since it has comfortable chairs and a relaxing atmosphere. What adds up to its cozy vibe is its interior’s light and dark brown tones, making the place very elegant for taking pictures. You can have the perfect Instagram-worthy photos here!

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