For those who love coffee, it is a must to have your daily dose of coffee when traveling to other places. There are a lot of reasons why coffee is automatically considered a part of many people’s day, in which one of it it is that it provides energy in the morning to get through the entire day. Apart from this, drinking coffee can also give way for someone to feel more relaxed or boost motivation and productivity. In any case, it only proves how essential coffee is! Planning for the best original egg coffee Hanoi when traveling there is a must!

Vietnam is known for having different sorts of coffees that will make you water your mouth. It may seem quite interesting when hearing it for the first time, and your first reaction would most probably be, ‘Is that even possible?’ That’s what crosses your mind immediately since that combination is new to you. For instance, Cà phê trứng egg coffee is among the top on the list wherein you will find a mix of Vietnamese coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and egg yolk all in one drink. This unique drink is best served only in Hanoi, where it originated. Here, your taste buds will be satisfied by its appetizing aroma and flavorful taste. So, if you are going to travel to Hanoi in the future, having egg coffee is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Want to remove the hassles of going through each coffee shop looking for the best original egg coffee in Hanoi? We can help you plan your coffee travels for your next Hanoi trip!

Here is Quan Cafe’s list of top four cafes serving the renowned Vietnamese egg coffee in Hanoi that should be on your travel bucket list:

1. Yen Café – Street cafe to have your original egg coffee Hanoi 

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Have you ever walked through a street and then eventually found your mouth watering from the pleasant smell of the aroma of coffee? Because of it, you couldn’t resist not finding out where it came from and tasting it. Similar to this, Yen Café is a small street cafe located in the street of Quan Thanh District. If you want to take a break from the busy and crowded streets of Hanoi, you can just walk towards this cafe and be recharged with a cup of coffee.

You would appreciate how their coffees are made on the spot, where you can directly watch how your coffee is made. What makes it more impressive is that you can also see the cafe owner personally concoct and grind the coffee they serve. Hence, your coffee’s quality and taste are guaranteed to always be at their best. Come to think of it, it’s not always that you get to sip a cup of coffee directly made by the cafe founder! 

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Despite not being Yen Café’s signature drink, their egg coffee is famous to many people. It is because they have a unique recipe for remaking its original flavor. You can taste how they make the egg foam induce a creamy flavor that is perfectly balanced with its sweetness. Since your coffee is prepared then and there, you can directly watch them roasting the Arabica coffee beans. It can also be a good idea to pair your hot egg coffee with decadent Vietnamese snacks from Yen Café, like sticky rice cakes. Hey, that’s a perfect combination right there!

This original egg coffee Hanoi address is 184 Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam. They are open daily from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

2. NeoCafe – Modern type of cafe with the best egg coffee in Hanoi 

Seeing the cafe from the outside, you would automatically be attracted by its radiating elegance. You can glimpse through the glass the modern-style vibe inside the NeoCafe. It has light and dark brown tones, which fill the place with a relaxing atmosphere, making a perfect ambiance to have a prime time drinking coffee.

NeoCafe has been praised a lot for its version of Egg Coffee. It is a blend of Vietnamese coffee and sweet condensed milk, with the finishing touch of topping it with creamy soft egg foam. Since it is newer in the business than the majority, it can’t be avoided to be matched up with egg coffees from renowned cafes, like Cafe Giang. Yet, many of its reviews claim NeoCafe has a more flavorful and creamy taste when compared to the rest. Considering their original egg coffee Hanoi has highly positive reviews, it is a must-try when going around the city. Just a tip-off when ordering this drink, it would mostly take around 3-5 minutes for you to wait. But there’s nothing to worry about because it only means that NeoCafe will not settle for less in preparing their specialty drink impeccably. Of course, as you enjoy the egg coffee, ensure you will sip all of it from top to bottom. So that you can explore the fitting taste of the strong flavor of coffee and the sweetness of the milk.

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It goes without saying that another essential thing to do for your Hanoi trip is to taste the traditional Vietnamese coffee just as it is. This is where NeoCafe presents you with their Vietnamese Specialty Coffee, where you can relish the rich taste of their Arabica coffees. Plus, it is accompanied by the smoothness and sweetness that explore your taste buds. You can’t go wrong with starting the day by having a cup of coffee from freshly roasted beans! 

On top of that, there’s always room for a cold brew, especially during a hot day. You can definitely beat the heat with NeoCafe’s Lemongrass Orange Cold Brew Coffee! Alongside their Egg Coffee and Vietnamese Specialty Coffee, it is one of their best-sellers, and I tell you, it is not on their top list for no reason. You may think mixing coffee, orange, and lemongrass together is unusual. Still, they surprisingly balance well with each other. The sweet, citrusy orange taste and the lemon mint taste of lemongrass mix perfectly with the boldness of coffee. Not to mention serving it at a chilled temperature, it will absolutely freshen you up!

NeoCafe is open daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Their physical stores are at 35B Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam, and two other locations. Also, you can check their official website for more info.

3. Blackbird Coffee – Cozy Cafe in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

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Are you a fan of espresso? Try this egg coffee in Hanoi’s Old Quarter from Blackbird Coffee, a cafe situated in the central part of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Since it combines the famous egg coffee Hanoi and espresso, it is literally called “Eggpresso.” Pretty witty, right? Their signature espresso, which was brewed from the cafe, is mixed with the eggs. This combination makes the rich taste prominent the moment you sip on it. Because of the strong flavor of eggs and coffee, it is suitable for days when the icy wind fills the surroundings, especially when it is served hot. Their Eggpresso is noteworthy because they have made a distinctive version of it that’s not like the local egg coffee. It is so creamy, and the egg in it perfectly matched the espresso. Then, you can partner it with a delicious Pesto Toast or Avocado toast!

It is also regarded by many as a great place to have Vietnamese coffee because of its authentic taste. When it comes to the physical stores of Blackbird Coffee, its atmosphere is very peaceful and cozy. Because of this, it is highly recommended for those who just want to chill with friends or by themselves. Also, it is the perfect spot to bring your laptop or notes to finish your work. So, if you want to ease off the bustling streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, this place is the one you need. You can easily relax while sipping their signature egg coffee Hanoi Old Quarter, also known as Eggspresso. But if you prefer to breathe fresh outdoor air, they have a courtyard where you can stay at. It still gives a cozy vibe since it is surrounded by trees and plants.

You can find them in their two stores at 5 Chan Cam Street, Hoan Kiem District, and 63B Lan Ong in Hanoi, Vietnam. They are open daily from 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM.

4. Loading T Café – Mouthwatering Egg Coffee in a fascinating 1930s building

Have you ever dreamt of traveling back in time? You can do something similar by going to this elegant coffee shop in an ancient mansion from the 1930s. It is situated in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, particularly near St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Looking at it from the outside, you can recognize that the building has been standing for many decades since some parts are crumbling and stained. However, these details just make it more distinctive and unique.

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Although the cafe serves a wide variety of beverages, including coffees and smoothies, it is most known for its delectable egg coffee. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it has been added with a kick of cinnamon flavor. The overall experience here becomes complete as you smell the room’s aroma while you sip on your favorite coffee.

You can find them at 8 Chan Cam, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.

5. Cafe Nang – Unique taste of the traditional egg coffee

This cafe is among the oldest coffee shops since its business started more than 60 years ago. Although it is situated along a small alley, there is more space inside where you can stay with friends. The place’s interior design is not extravagant and modern because it’s designed with style in the old architecture. 

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original egg coffee hanoi 5

When it comes to their coffees, they serve traditionally roasted and ground coffee. It depends on your preference on what to choose, but both certainly have their own distinct, mouth-watering aroma. Among their beverages, they are recognized for their creamy egg coffee. Their customers commend that the egg foam on top of the coffee is gratifyingly frothy! Apart from this, the taste of its egg foam is distinct from the usual egg coffee because it doesn’t merely taste sweet like a meringue or caramel flan. Instead, you can taste an actual egg flavor on it. So, just ready your tastebuds accordingly when tasting it for the first. Anyhow, it’s for you to find out whether it’s delicious or not!

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Cafe Nang is located at 45 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

6. Cafe Giang – Where the original egg coffee Hanoi originated

If you are wondering where the Vietnamese original egg coffee Hanoi trend started, it all began in 1946 when Mr. Nguyen Van Giang created it. What’s surprising is that making this famous egg coffee in Hanoi was not intentional because he was supposed to make a cappuccino and transform it into a signature Vietnamese. However, the store lacked milk to use for making coffees at that time. It was because there was a shortage of milk in the whole country due to the war. Nonetheless, Mr. Giang was not hindered by the circumstances, so he resourcefully used egg as an alternative. By then, he had no faintest idea that he had invented a masterpiece that would soon become a huge part of Vietnamese culture. Actually, this substitute drink for making cappuccino is now a global sensation! Wow!

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The tricky part in this cafe is that you must be specific in knowing the direction to get there. Since it is situated down a narrow alleyway, you should get familiar with the way to avoid getting lost. Enter the cafe through the corridor as you see its small entrance. Don’t forget to try the drink that they are most famous for, which is their original egg coffee Hanoi. You can see right away that it is topped with yellow custard, alongside the white and black colors below it. Overall, it looks like a custard pudding! It gives a wonderful flavor from the mixture of coffee and the creamy soft egg white foam. Make sure to drink it from top to bottom and savor this legendary taste. 

It seems that most customers here order their famous egg coffee because the staff roams around asking each customer if that’s what they will have. Egg coffee is also a great choice if you’re in a rush since you’ll have it right away after two minutes. You can also try other drinks that would satisfy your cravings. It wouldn’t be surprising that Cafe Giang explored using eggs as an ingredient to further expand its menu. Because of the success of egg coffee, they have added fantastic drinks like Egg with Chocolate, Egg with Green Beans, Egg with Rum and Chocolate, and Egg with Rum and Coffee. You can have it either cold or hot, depending on your mood! 

This legendary egg coffee Hanoi’s address is 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

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Generally, there is no doubt that Vietnam’s original egg coffee Hanoi has become a world-famous drink. Even international people sought out by traveling to Vietnam just to taste it. Apart from this, it’s also nice to discover the history of this drink. Amazingly, back when Mr. Giang first invented it, you can observe how multiple cafes recreated it to their own version throughout the years. Some even tried it to make it creamier, sweeter, or have a more pungent taste of the coffee. Nonetheless, we can be sure that they all give a unique taste of Vietnamese egg coffee. It’s up to you which of these cafes you prefer the most, considering the quality of the original egg coffee Hanoi that the coffee shop serves. Therefore, it’s recommended to try these four cafes listed above by Quan Cafe so you can explore and determine the best egg coffee in Hanoi among them. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait any longer because you wouldn’t wanna miss having a taste of this great drink! Give your daily dose of coffee a twist and bring it to another level!

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