How do you start your day? Some people begin by checking their phones, putting on some good music, showering with warm water, taking a morning walk, or writing in a journal. It wouldn’t be possible for coffee lovers to go through the day without having a good hot cup of coffee first. There are days that you wake up chirpy and full of energy, or some days just feel like bad weather, making it harder to get up. Either way, coffee will definitely boost your energy and prepare you for a long day ahead. Coffee has a “wake-up” effect that compels you to become alert and energetic to start the day. It’s no wonder coffees are extremely popular across the world.

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One of the countries known for having the best coffee is Vietnam. So, if you are traveling to Vietnam, you should definitely visit Hanoi because you can find many amazing cafes where you can taste the finest Vietnamese coffee of various types. The drink that got everyone confused is egg coffee, and we’re not shocked to hear that because how can you put eggs in your coffee? Despite that, the taste of egg coffee is surprisingly good because it has a well-balanced sweet and bitter flavor that makes it more addictive. 

Apart from being an energizer in the morning, drinking coffee also stimulates one’s mental and physical performance. That’s why the coffee break is very common for employees. It is the time of a working day when they go for a short break to drink a cup of coffee. With that, Quan Cafe will help you discover the seven best coffee shops with a must-try specialty coffee in Hanoi to go for your next coffee break!

1. Xofa Cafe & Bistro – Homey vibe cafe opened 24/7

Are you looking for coffee shops that are open 24/7? Then, Xofa Cafe & Bistro is the one that you wouldn’t want to miss! It is situated in Tong Duy Tan Street, where it is common for night owls to come over because it is filled with pubs, bars, and restaurants. This cafe is the perfect place if you wanna have a hot cup of coffee at midnight. When staying here, you will immediately feel the relaxing and comfy atmosphere because it emanates a homely vibe. Its setting showcases a place similar to home, with bricks on a wall and its decor filled with beautiful paintings, flowers, and plants. The cafe has a pleasing and aesthetic ambiance which is perfect for taking Instagram-worthy pictures, so don’t forget to count this one when looking for an instagrammable cafe in Hanoi. 

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Although Xofa Cafe & Bistro is located in a tourist spot where a lot of people come by all the time, the place is overflowing with tranquility. So, it is really a nice place to sit and unwind peacefully. You can also reflect and meditate because the environment is very quiet. This calming ambiance makes it perfect for sipping on your favorite coffee. They are most popular with their best-seller, Xofa Coconut Coffee, their signature coconut milk coffee. Aside from this, you should also try their Affogato, a scoop of gelato drowned with a shot of hot espresso. However, if you want something to freshen you up, you can choose from their Ice Blended selection. Since they are famous for making delicious coconut coffee, you can try it cold served. Moreover, you can also eat breakfast in the morning with their All-day Breakfast menu. Here, their best seller is Full English breakfast which consists of toasts served with fried eggs, sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans, and hash browns.

2. NeoCafe – New cafe that serves the best specialty coffee in Hanoi

NeoCafe is a new cafe in Hanoi that has a modern vibe interior with light and dark brown tones. It is cozy and spacious, making it a perfect hangout place for friends and families. The place uses wooden furniture, such as tables and chairs, which complements its overall ambiance. Incorporating a wooden design makes a place aesthetically pleasing and gives a modern yet rustic aura. Apart from a beautiful interior design, it combines the perfect lighting, making every picture Instagram-worthy. Indeed, NeoCafe is one of the most attractive instagrammable cafes in Hanoi!

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In addition to having a nice place to enjoy a date, NeoCafe is also praised for its delicious egg coffee. It has made the original taste of egg coffee to a whole new level! When comparing it to renowned cafes for its egg coffee, it is noticeable that NeoCafe has a richer and slightly thicker flavor. Apart from this, it has a rich taste that is worthy of mention and won’t disappoint you. They fully achieved making a perfectly balanced flavor of the coffee’s bitterness and egg cream’s sweetness. It’s no wonder NeoCafe’s Egg Coffee has been the talk of the town for locals and tourists. 

Specialty coffee Hanoi, egg coffee, is suitable for days when your tastebuds want something creamy and sweet. However, if you’re going to taste a strong and bitter traditional Vietnamese coffee, NeoCafe also has something for you. With their Vietnamese Specialty Coffee, you will surely enjoy the taste of a bold and smooth brew. Also, the freshness of your coffee is guaranteed because it is made from newly roasted beans. You will be satisfied with every sip because of its rich taste. Moreover, you can also try their cold beverages, which are perfect for a hot day. NeoCafe’s Coldbrew Cam Sả, translated in English to Lemongrass Orange Cold Brew Coffee, is highly recommended because it will give you a refreshing feeling in every sip. Not just that, the complexity in the combination of coffee, lemongrass, and orange will have you surprised because it blends exceptionally well with one another. Its overall taste is flavorful, so it will surely satisfy your thirst. 

3. Lofita – Paris Dream – Coffee under the sky in a romantic terrace view

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Having a great view on a terrace gives off a romantic atmosphere that is an ideal place for dates. This is what the next coffee shop is famous for. Lofita – Paris Dream is located on the 9th & 10th floor of a building in the bustling street of Pho Hue, allowing the customers to have a lovely sight of the entire Hanoi. You can stay inside or outside of the cafe, wherein the vibe is incredibly distinct from one another. The inside space has a cozy and relaxing coffee shop ambiance because of its classic England design with a touch of brown-colored tone. In contrast, the outside is an aesthetic, spacious balcony where you can relax in wonder of the clear sky above. It’s very trendy among locals and tourists, especially among younger people. Regarding the aesthetic, there is no question that this is the best coffee shop in Hanoi. You can take beautiful pictures here that will surely go to your Instagram feed!

Apart from being a beautiful spot, their beverages also attract customers. There’s nothing perfect than a great coffee and a nice view! Lofita – Paris dream has a variety of drinks, from coffees to milk teas. You should try their signature drinks, which are Lofita Special Coffee and Cashew Nut Milk with Special Brown Sugar Black Pearl. People who prefer a stronger taste of coffee can go to the former one, while the latter is suitable for those with a sweet tooth. Besides, you definitely would want to pair it up with your favorite snacks!

4. October Lounge Coffee & Studio – Play some instruments in a 60s-style cafe

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Are you into vintage or retro-themed places? October Lounge Coffee & Studio is located beside Ho Tay Lake. It is built uniquely in a 4-story building since each floor radiates different vibes. The first floor has bricks as decor on the walls and darkish wooden furniture that completes the look, giving off a nostalgic ambiance upon entering the coffee shop. Then, going to the second floor makes you travel to the past with its ancient European design. If you want to play instruments like guitar and piano, you can proceed to the third floor and enjoy playing some good music. Most of the customers that play there are the young ones. Lastly, the fourth floor allows you to catch sight of the serene, beautiful lake on a balcony. 

They serve a wide range of menus, such as coffee, tea, smoothies, Western-style snacks, and the list goes on. If you like coconut, they have a lot of options to give you, including coconut milk coffee, coconut ice cream, coconut avocado shake, and so on. Moreover, you can choose to have a nice hot latte and stay on the balcony to have a romantic view of the lake. Enjoy your stay in this 60s-style cafe while sipping on your favorite coffee!  

5. An Café – Have your own self-portrait on egg coffee through a latte art 

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Although An Café is located in a busy tourist spot, the Old Quarter, the good thing here is that it is away from the most hectic areas. This coffee shop is more laid-back because it has a cozy interior design with a red and white color scheme, adding to its attractiveness. If you are traveling to Vietnam, you can taste the specialty coffee Hanoi, which they are famous for, by trying their Vietnamese Traditional Specialty Coffee. Enjoy every sip while viewing the charming sight of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. 

Many people recognize An Café’s Egg Coffee as the best coffee in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. It is because of the perfect combination of sweetened condensed milk and strong dark brew, then topped with creamy whipped eggs. Apart from its taste, what makes it more remarkable is that you can have your own portrait outlined on top of your egg coffee by the baristas through latte art.

6. Café Pho Co – Sip into your favorite coffee while looking at a fantastic view of the city

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There is a nice view of Hanoi’s Old Quarter on a rooftop cafe. Although it might be a little tiring to go here because you first need to enter through a silk clothing shop and use the stairs, it will be worth all the energy. It has a cozy atmosphere, making it a perfect place to wind up from the bustling Old Quarter. So, if you want to have a quiet coffee date with someone or on your own, you should consider going to An Café. 

They are most famous for their fluffy and creamy egg coffee. A lot of people are saying that it tastes so good that they recognize their version as a match for one of the renowned egg coffees in Hanoi, Café Dinh. If you want to know which among these two is better, come to taste it on your own! Moreover, another highly recommended drink, especially for those with a sweet tooth, is Café Pho Co’s Coconut Coffee. Its sweetness will definitely satisfy your sugar cravings! In addition to this, another noteworthy mention would be their delicious egg hot chocolate. You can taste the hot cocoa relinquishing the richness of its overall flavor.

7. Loading T Cafe – Located in the heart of the famous Old Quarter

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As popular as it is, locals and tourists intentionally look for specialty coffee Hanoi, Vietnamese egg coffee, and taste it. Hence, it’s no wonder this drink piques someone’s curiosity because it sounds controversial how the egg is mixed in coffees. So, for the last cafe on Quan Cafe’s list, it is situated in the heart of the bustling Hanoi’s Old Quarter. It is a very cozy place to chill with your friends. Likewise, it has a homey atmosphere which makes you more relaxed. 

Loading T Cafe is famous for its version of egg coffee. It has been highly praised by a lot of people because of the finest quality in its taste. In fact, it is even considered in the level of the cafe where egg coffee originated, Cafe Giang. Come and taste it if it is indeed one of the best coffees in Hanoi’s Old Quarter!

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