It has been more than a decade since Kombucha rose to fame, resulting in rapid growth in sales. This unique drink quickly obtained a huge influence on the domestic beverage economy, and it was once named the most liberal product in the United States in 2009. So how did this odd drink made from unpalatable yeast become extremely popular with the people? Let’s get to know Kombucha inside out! By learning about it, including its formula and health benefits, you can easily determine which brand is the best to buy. 

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Kombucha possesses numerous health benefits that it is even called the “Elixir of Long Life” by the masses living in the Far East for approximately two millennia. It is a fermented drink made with a mixture of sugar, tea, and a symbiotic group of bacteria derived from the same mother cell plus yeast, typically tea fungus. This variety of microbes works together in creating this beverage. Its entire process is very detailed and might be complicated for some. As the process begins by putting the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, also called its SCOBY, into the sweetened tea concoction. Afterward, fermentation takes place by placing it at room temperature and leaving it for 1-3 weeks. It’s not simply that; it is then bottled for 1-2 weeks to contain released CO2 and instigate carbonation. Upon finishing this step, the bottled Kombucha is transferred inside the refrigerator so that the carbonation and fermentation processes will be slowed down. Fundamentally, the yeast and bacteria break down the sugars into alcohol, which is then transformed into compounds, giving the distinct flavor of Kombucha.

Just like what was mentioned earlier, the existence of Kombucha can be traced to ancient times. Although it might sound new to many, it came all the way to more or less 220 B.C. in Northeast China. During that period, the communities treated it as highly valuable because of its healing properties. Over time, this fermented tea was brought to different parts of the world. However, it was affected during World War II as its international popularity declined due to the lack of supplies of tea and sugar. Despite the drop-down, Kombucha recovered and gained back its fame after a research study in Switzerland during the 1960s, which correlated the health-related benefits obtained from it to those of yogurt.  

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Because of its presumed health benefits, Kombucha is mainly classified as a functional beverage, about conventional non-alcoholic liquid refreshments marketed to emphasize a particular ingredient it contains or its intended health benefit. Now that you have a grasp of the basic concept of what Kombucha is, you are equipped to evaluate several brands to determine the best one among them.

Teazen Kombucha – Easy-to-prepare kombucha tea

Let’s start with Teazen, a Korean brand established in 2001. Teazen Kombucha is a fermented beverage extracted from green or black tea with zero sugar. It has low calories, having 15 kcal per serving only. However, despite being promoted as containing zero sugar, you will see that it includes indigestible maltodextrin alongside other components when you look at its ingredients. This is important because maltodextrin is worse than table sugar since it has a much higher glycemic index (G.I.). Thus, an intake of maltodextrin can cause an immediate sharp increase in one’s blood sugar. Getting a spike in blood glucose can cause danger, especially to those with diabetes or insulin resistance. Thus, even if the nutrition facts per serving state that there is no sugar, it would be meaningless since it contains maltodextrin, which is even worse.

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Teazen Kombucha uses an organic German kombucha powder, making it a great prebiotic source. It contains 12 kinds of live lactic acid bacteria, primarily Lactobacillus and probiotics. Because of this, Kombucha has the properties to improve gut health. Aside from this, it contains a small number of vitamins that strengthen your immune systems, such as Vitamin B1, B6, B12, and C. Hence, the Kombucha drink promotes the breaking down of food as a single drink can immediately give extra support for easier digestion. The nutrition facts per serving are as follows: 15 kcal calories, 160 mg sodium, 4g carbohydrate, 0g sugar, 0g trans fat, 0g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, and 0g protein. As a result, it is often associated with weight management because of its low caloric value and does not contain any alcohol.

A box of Teazen Kombucha contains 10 packed sticks with an easy-to-tear opening. It is a freeze-dried Kombucha mixed with natural Korean juice powder, including antioxidants that are beneficial for the body. The instructions for drinking this organic Kombucha powder is easy and convenient to follow. Get a single Teazen Kombucha stick and pour it in water measuring from 250ml to 500ml; stir properly or shake if it is placed in a bottle. You won’t have to go through all the hassle of mixing the powder because it immediately dissolves within three seconds. It is recommended to use cold water to taste the sparkling water and feel refreshed. Since once you drink it, you will feel a fizzy sensation similar to carbonated drinks. But, the big difference between the two is that Kombucha does not contain any sugar, unlike those. Take note that the colder the water you will be using, the better, so you can just add ice or place it in a freezer. You can drink this before doing any outdoor activities. Because of its packaging, Teazen Kombucha can be easily carried and brought anywhere. Likewise, it doesn’t take too much space in a bag. It even fits perfectly inside a pocket! Therefore, you can enjoy drinking Kombucha anytime without going through all the arduous processes of fermenting your own batch.

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You can choose from different Teazen Kombucha flavors, depending on your preference. The five flavors of Teazen Kombucha include the following: Lemon, Berry, Citron, and Peach. Among all these, their best-selling is the Kombucha Lemon, a lemon-flavored fermented tea. This tasty drink contains prebiotics and antioxidants that boost one’s health and improve digestion. Since it is a lemon-flavored drink, the citrus lemon juice is also rich in Vitamin C and dietary fiber, making your Kombucha drink much healthier. 

As previously mentioned Teazen Kombucha drink causes a signature fizzy sensation similar to carbonated beverages. This attracts many people to Kombucha Lemon because when you drink it with cold water and ice cubes, it will taste like sparkling lemonade! Although some ingredients are added to highlight its flavor, it still contains the same ingredients as the previous list of ingredients in Teazen Kombucha. Therefore, Kombucha Lemon by Teazen comprises indigestible maltodextrin, which is much worse than containing sugar in a drink. 

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Remedy Kombucha – Traditional way of making Kombucha

Among all the rising Kombucha brands, Remedy Kombucha is distinct in its method of making Kombucha drinks. They are still following the traditional procedure, which entails a natural fermentation of the sweet flavor of tea with a live culture. Their traditional way of making Kombucha results in a sparkling drink with a balanced flavor of sweetness and sourness. Aside from its flavorful taste, it contains live cultures and organic acids, which benefit the gut.  

Additionally, Remedy Kombucha guarantees that their glass-bottled Kombucha is raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized, resulting in healthy live cultures. Through this, it will significantly sustain and foster good gut health. Suppose you’re wondering how having live cultures can help sustain a healthy gut. In that case, it is because live cultures allow the escalation in the diversity of gut flora. Hence, having more variety in the gut means more microorganisms are fighting against the growth of bad bugs in the gut. Furthermore, the organic acids in Kombucha are the short chain fatty acids made during the natural brewing procedure. Having these acids give way to preventing the overgrowth of harmful pathogenic bacteria. Aside from this, it also helps provide an energy source for thriving the good bacteria, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and regulating cholesterol. 

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Remedy Kombucha is loaded with naturally occurring polyphenols, the nutrients rich in antioxidants that can help the body fight illnesses and slow down the aging process. These are found in the organic green and black tea, forming the base of their unique brew. Moreover, polyphenols are vital as prebiotics, particularly in increasing the gut’s beneficial bacteria ratio.

Whereas to Teazen Kombucha’s zero sugar claim, yet contains indigestible maltodextrin, Remedy Kombucha is actually sugar-free. They made it possible by having sugar only in the initial brew, wherein the live cultures eat everything during fermentation, producing the health benefits mentioned earlier. With this, they brew out all the sugars and then undergo each batch for a test to ensure that nothing’s left before packaging. Lastly, you can choose among Remedy Kombucha’s seven flavors: Original, Ginger Lemon, Apple Crisp, Raspberry Lemonade, Hibiscus Kiss, and Cherry Plum. Which of these is your favorite?

NeoCafe – Cafe that serves the best Kombucha brand to drink in Hanoi

Despite Kombucha’s popularity, some people still could not believe that fermented tea is being sold across different parts of the world. For these kinds of people, drinking fermented tea is pure madness. They rather acknowledge the existence of fermented foods than fermented teas. Little did they know that fermented teas or Kombucha are not as disgusting as it sounds. In fact, this drink has a wide range of selections based on its flavors. Besides, there’s nothing better than a drink that is good for your health! 

If you think that the existence of Kombucha itself seems insane, you haven’t heard about a coffee shop selling one. Despite its increasing popularity in the world, the reality is that it’s still unpopular in coffee shops since the beverages that customers typically order are our coffees and teas. Nevertheless, it should not be a hindrance to recognizing the quality of NeoCafe, a newly established in Hanoi, when it comes to being the finest brand of Kombucha. 

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NeoCafe offers two flavors of Kombucha drinks where you can select your preferred taste. Under their Tea Collection, you can choose between Kombucha Nhiệt đới or Tropical Kombucha tea and Kombucha Dâu tằm or Mulberry Kombucha tea. Both its prices cost 45k and are served cold, full of ice. It’s perfect for days when you just can’t take the sun’s scorching heat. The Tropical Kombucha tea is a cold fermented tea with a vibrant blood orange color topped with slices of lime. It is extracted from organic tea and fermented by NeoCafe’s excellent method. Another noteworthy characteristic of their Kombucha drink is that they are guaranteed to be made from fresh ingredients. As a result, the drink comes with the fresh taste of the pleasant and unique flavor of fermented tea dominates in every sip. It becomes an extraordinary experience as you enjoy the drink while obtaining many healthy nutrients. There is no doubt that Tropical Kombucha tea is the perfect drink for the tropical weather!

Furthermore, Mulberry Kombucha Tea is the other flavor that you can choose. NeoCafe makes it by using fresh mulberries to maintain high-quality Kombucha drinks served to its customers. In every sip, you can distinguish the mulberry’s fruity flavor that is perfectly mixed with the fermented tea’s sharp pungent taste. It tastes yummy with fruity and fizzy greatness in one drink, so this is definitely a must-try! Aside from its delicious taste, it is also visually pleasing. It results in a stunning deep crimson color with slices of lime on the top.

The Kombucha drinks from NeoCafe are made deliberately to ensure serving high-quality beverages to its customers. Once the fermented tea is prepared, it is added with fresh fruits to enhance its taste that suits everyone’s taste. The entire preparation of making this drink takes a lengthy period. NeoCafe ensures that it completes weeks of fermentation to produce an extraordinarily delicious healthy drink. They are also careful not to leave it for more than the recommended days because it can be harmful once its alcohol content increases.

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Overall, we learned that getting into details is strongly important to determine the ingredients and verify their alleged health benefits. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the Kombucha drink is a healthy beverage with many health benefits. Such as digestion, weight management, immune system, and much more. Although Kombucha can come in different forms, liquid and powdered, there are many good brands, while some are just unsavory. Thus, Quan Cafe has reviewed two of the most famous Kombucha brands alongside the brand considered the best among the rest. When comparing Teazen Kombucha to Remedy Kombucha, we have observed that the latter is better based on its health benefits and procedures. While the best brand that would be highly recommended when buying Kombucha is from NeoCafe. If you are visiting Hanoi, you should not miss visiting NeoCafe and trying its Tropical Kombucha tea and Mulberry Kombucha tea. The fresh and delicious taste in every sip is indeed to die for! 

Most importantly, you can guarantee that NeoCafe uses the best fresh ingredients and thoroughly goes through the creation process. As a result, the customers are served the finest Kombucha teas in town. So, suppose you haven’t ever tried Kombucha in your life. In that case, it is highly recommended to have your first Kombucha experience in NeoCafe. You can also bring someone who hasn’t tasted it yet! In this way, your first taste of Kombucha will come from the best quality and best cafe in Hanoi. 

What are you waiting for? NeoCafe’s stores are at 33 Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, and 35B Nguyen Huu Huan in Hanoi, Vietnam. They are open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. You better not miss it out! 

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