Known for creating the finest coffees that are simply out of this world, Vietnam has become incredibly popular all over the world, and even tourists travel all the way to the country to try it out. But what is the hype all about? But before that, it’s no wonder that the people in Vietnam are so into coffee and that there are countless coffee shops wherever you go. It is because the country is the second-largest that produces coffee and has the highest coffee yield in the world. Also, coffee has been present in Vietnam for ages, which is around two decades to be exact. How crazy is that! In fact, the first-ever coffee plantation here was built around the 1800s. Apart from its rich history, there is a coffee from Vietnam that has been creating a buzz globally, which is the Vietnamese egg coffee Hanoi. The initial reaction of most people, if not all, is perplexed or disgusted when hearing that there is coffee mixed with eggs. Just the thought of drinking something with egg yolk seems outrageous. Still, you’ll be surprised by how amazingly delicious it tastes. Indeed, it sounds a hundred times better than it sounds! Traditional Vietnamese coffee is known for its strong bitter taste, which is usually mixed with condensed milk to add a little sweetness. Then, it is topped with creamy soft whipped yolks for another extra flavor. Besides that, it has a mouthwatering visual appearance that will compel you to savor its taste!

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However, despite its global success in the present, it wasn’t like that in the beginning. Hanoi’s Vietnamese egg coffee was invented by Mr. Giang, the founder of Cafe Giang, back when he worked as a hotel bartender. The origin of the famous egg coffee in Hanoi was only done by coincidence because he initially planned to create a Vietnamese version of cappuccino. But, due to wartime dairy shortages, he substituted the use of eggs with milk. Although he wasn’t expecting it to be good, the foreigners staying in the hotel gave it a highly positive response. Afterward, Mr. Giang took a leap of faith as he left his job to start a coffee shop; the rest is history.

In the earlier days of Hanoi’s Vietnamese egg coffee, the eggs were hand-beaten, so it obviously took longer to prepare. It was also impossible to achieve the foaminess of the whipped egg froth we have at present. Fortunately, with the help of machines, making egg coffees has become a lot easier and more convenient. There are two types of egg coffees; it’s up to you whether you want to have it served hot or cold. The hot egg coffee is served in a cup placed in a bowl of warm water. That way, you will be able to enjoy a hot cup of egg coffee for a longer time. Nonetheless, if you prefer a cold egg coffee, you can use a spoon to consume and mix it. This version is like a dessert, similar to coffee-flavored ice cream. 

To get to know more about this, it is highly suggested to try it for yourself. Quan Cafe has prepared a list of the finest cafes where you can taste the original egg coffee in Hanoi. Check it out!

1. Café Dinh – A renowned cafe for making one of the best egg coffee in Hanoi

vietnamese egg coffee hanoi
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Earlier, we tackled the history of renowned Vietnamese egg coffee Hanoi and that it originated in Cafe Giang. It is also worth mentioning Café Dinh because these two coffee shops have a significant relationship with one another since they are blood-related. The owner of Café Dinh, Mrs. Bich, is the daughter of Cafe Giang’s owner, Mr. Giang. Due to this, Café Dinh preserved the recipe of Cafe Giang, so you will still get the authentic taste of the original Vietnamese egg coffee Hanoi. Although the difference between the two is that the egg coffee of Café Dinh is not placed in a hot bowl of water, unlike in Cafe Giang. Also, their egg coffee is not that sweet, perfect for those who prefer a less sweet drink. Furthermore, it is embellished with latte art with different lovely decorations!

Although it was previously called Bich Café, people have become more familiar with it as Café Dinh. Since it was located at Dinh Tien Hoang Street, where the cafe’s name came from. When you visit this coffee shop, the first thing that will fascinate you is the balcony where you can catch a sight of the beautiful view of Hoan Kiem Lake. Because of this, the experience of drinking a good cup of coffee makes it more romantic. Besides the surrounding scenery, the cafe gives off a relaxing atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for dates and hangouts.

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If you plan to go here, finding its location might be a little challenging because it is situated on the second floor of a small ancient French-style house. Knowing the store’s address is recommended if you wish to try the famous Hanoi egg coffee here. The cafe has a narrow dark space with a tiny balcony where low wooden tables and chairs are placed. However, it may be difficult to visit here during peak hours or when it is crowded. This cafe exhibits the old Hanoi, wherein it has old walls and several photos displaying the beauty of Hanoians alongside ballad music playing in the background.

2. NeoCafe – Make your own Vietnamese egg coffee in this new cafe in Hanoi

Because it has been many decades since Hanoi’s famous egg coffee was invented, it’s not surprising that a lot of coffee shops have been making their own version of it. Some may not have achieved the authenticity of the original taste of egg coffee which is what Hanoi is famous for. Still, we can’t ignore that there are those cafes that were able to create better versions. Among them is NeoCafe, a new coffee shop that has been rising to fame for having the best Vietnamese egg coffee Hanoi. Their egg coffee has a thick and sweet combination of the bitter taste of Vietnamese coffee and the sweetness of its creamy soft, whipped egg cream on top. It has achieved the rich, perfect balance of the sweet, creamy, and bitter taste that Vietnamese egg coffee has been known for. It tastes so good that many people even compare it to Cafe Giang, in which they can attest that NeoCafe’s egg coffee has a richer and slightly thicker taste. Truly, this egg coffee in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is definitely worth all the hype!

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Aside from its oh-so-delicious egg coffee, NeoCafe also has a wide range of menus where you can select the beverage of your choice, from coffees, teas, cold brews, milk teas, and juices. But wait, there’s more! You can even pair your favorite drink with a cake! You should try one of their best-sellers, Vietnamese Specialty Coffee. It is made from the finest beans that are freshly roasted every week to achieve richness in its flavor. 

You shouldn’t miss out on their cold brews, especially on hot days. NeoCafe’s Lemongrass Orange Cold Brew Coffee needs a special mention because the coffee blends surprisingly well with the refreshing taste of orange and lemongrass. Indeed, an ice-cold coffee is a perfect drink to freshen up yourself when under the blazing hot weather!

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3. Blackbird Coffee – Serves quality coffees made from single-origin fresh beans

Do you prefer tasting the strong bitterness in your coffee? Then, Blackbird Coffee is the place for you! It is a cafe in an alley close to the Hanoi Cathedral, and they are known for producing single-origin coffees from its own coffee farm. Hence, you can guarantee that they meticulously roast the coffee beans. Its interior has tones of orange and yellow that give off an alluring and calming atmosphere, perfect for working, studying, and chill hangouts. Not to mention, the cafe is filled with the sweet aroma of coffee! 

Suppose you are looking for a qualityVietnamese egg coffee Hanoi. In that case, you should definitely try their version of egg coffee, their signature drink. Its name, Eggspresso, is a combination of egg and espresso. The creamy whipped egg foam blends exquisitely with the single-shot espresso. Compared to the traditional Vietnamese egg coffee, Blackbird Coffee’s Egsspresso has a thicker whipped egg cream on top. Along with this is a dense layer of coffee at the bottommost part of the cup. It is so delicious that you can’t resist coming back for more! 

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4. Café Lam – One of the oldest cafes in town with a nostalgic atmosphere

Another cafe on Quan’s Cafe list is Café Lam Hanoi, which is situated in Nguyen Huu Huan street, a well-known tourist spot. They have been continuously thriving in their business for many decades, making them among the oldest cafes in the city. It was established in 1952, and up until now, they have preserved a nostalgic ambient of Hanoi with low wooden chairs and tables. To complete everything, it has a stunning painting collection displayed on the walls made by various renowned Vietnamese painters. If you visit Café Lam, just make sure you know their exact address so you can try their version of Hanoi’s egg coffee because several people got it wrong.

Café Lam is known for serving a delightful complimenting taste of roasted coffee. They are also famous for their egg coffee, which has a slightly less creamy taste than other Vietnamese egg coffees in Hanoi. So, if you like you are not fond of creamy coffees, then you will surely like Café Lam’s egg coffee. In the process of making this, its egg yolk is whisked at high speed using a machine, then poured upon a superheated filtered coffee. Enjoy every sip of your egg coffee with the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of Café Lam!

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5. Yen Café – Small coffee shop within the alley filled with the sweet aroma of coffee

If you are around Ba Dinh district, there is a little cafe within the alley of Quan Thanh street that you can visit. Since it is deep within an alley, it becomes somewhat of a hideout away from the crowded and bustling city. Yen Café is famous for its egg coffee because they possess a specific recipe for making it. They use Arabica beans roasted on the spot, which came from Da Lat. As a result, the surrounding is filled with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. Their egg coffee has a creamy taste with a balanced flavor of the condensed milk’s sweetness and the coffee’s strong bitterness.

Yen Café has no huge space with fancy decorations, but instead, what makes them distinct is its overflowing homey vibe. Despite having a small space, it is enough for having a good cup of coffee and simple conversations from one person to another. Not to mention the sweet-scented coffee aroma all over the place! 

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6. Lutulata – A cute coffee shop that specializes in sweet desserts

Lutulata is a coffee shop located in Dong Da district, particularly on Hoang Ngoc Phach street. Its interior displays a rustic barn style with three levels to accommodate customers. The third floor is partially al fresco, which is perfect for staying in under great weather. It also has a nice view of the city streets. Meanwhile, you can enjoy staying on the first floor if you like watching people and observing the flow of streets in Hanoi.

If you want to try something new and explore other cafes’ versions of egg coffee, you should include Lutulata. They have a unique way of serving the egg coffee because it is placed above a candle. This ensures that the coffee is kept at a high temperature for an extended period. In addition to this, Lutulata is commended for having great quality desserts to pair up with your favorite coffee. Besides, they accommodate vegans with the option to use coconut milk.

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